"Magical Woodland"- Artwork


"Magical Woodland" is a dreamy forest of birch/aspen trees set against a warm background of russet orange and peach-tone leaves, with the blue ridge mountains in the distance. The impasto technique used to create the painting results in a highly textured surface, giving the treescape a sense of depth and dimensionality. The colors of the painting are warm and inviting, with a range of oranges, yellows, and blues, lending a softness and a dreamy quality to the composition.

The trees themselves are created with bold, sweeping strokes of the palette knife, which give them a sense of movement and life. The background of the painting is more subtle, with the colors blending softly into one another to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Overall, the painting captures the splendor of nature, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the tranquil beauty of this gorgeous scene.

-40" x 30" x 1.5", sides painted, no frame is needed

- signed on the front

-prewired and ready to hang