"Springtime Elegance"- Original Artwork


I just love the elegance of the Washington Monument surrounded by spring's cherry blossoms. 

"Springtime Elegance" captures the iconic Washington Monument surrounded by a lush canopy of cherry blossoms in full bloom, set against a backdrop of a tranquil reflecting pool. I created the painting using an impasto palette knife technique, where thick, textured strokes of paint create a sense of depth and movement in the scene.

The cherry blossoms, painted with delicate yet bold strokes, appear almost three-dimensional, thanks to the impasto technique. The texture of the blooms invites the viewer to almost feel the softness of the petals and the gentle sway of the branches in the spring breeze.

The reflection of the monument and blossoms in the calm waters of the pool adds an additional layer of depth and beauty to the scene. The water is painted with a mix of blues and greens, mirroring the surrounding landscape and sky.

Overall, "Spring's Elegance" is a vibrant and evocative painting that celebrates the beauty of spring and the iconic landmarks of Washington, D.C., all brought to life through the use of impasto palette knife strokes. I hope you love it as much as I do!

-18" x 24" x 1.5"

-signed on front

-prewired and ready to hang