"Cardinals in the Birches"- Artwork


"Cardinals in the Birches" is my newest birch tree piece - It is actually TWO 15" x 30" panels, a diptych, painted to hang together as one piece that will measure approximately 60" x 30" depending how much space you have between them.

If you look closely each piece has a tiny cardinal (you can see the red gentleman pictured on the left panel and the pretty brownish red lady on the right)!

Together they offer you a lovely view of the forest of majestic birch trees created with the finest acrylic paints and mediums, using mostly palette knives, non-traditional implements, and some brush work.

After sketching the image and creating the design, I paint in thick layers that ultimately catch light and shadows as well as contributing unusual color elements to the image as the next layer is applied. This technique not only creates a three-dimensional quality to the original as well as prints, but it also adds a richness and dramatic effect.

EACH PANEL is 15" x 30", there are TWO panels that make up this one piece  (sides painted, no frame needed).