"Hydrangea Symphony" - Original Artwork


I created the painting "Hydrangea Symphony" with the intention of conveying a sense of peace and tranquility. I wanted the viewer to feel transported to a beautiful and serene place, where they could simply relax and enjoy the beauty of the flowers as they bring freshness, peace and joy to the room.

I chose hydrangeas as the subject matter because they are such a beautiful and delicate flower and they are some of my favorites. The colors of the hydrangeas are vibrant and lush, and the petals are soft and delicate. I used thick, impasto brushstrokes to create a sense of depth and texture, and I wanted the viewer to feel as if they can feel the texture of the beautiful blue, white and lilac blooms.

The ginger jar in the painting provides a sense of balance and harmony, and the curved table adds a touch of simplicity to balance the scene. I wanted the overall effect of the painting to be one of beauty and peace, and I hope that I have achieved this goal.

16" x 12" x 1.5"

(sides painted, no frame needed).