Loved Waterford Fair!

Loved Waterford Fair!

I loved being a part of 77th Annual Waterford Fair this year. I had 2 pieces in the juried Fine Arts competition, and dozens in the Fine Arts Market. Many of my pieces found new homes that day, and I absolutely loved meeting collectors and talking about art.

I even met a famous artist, V. Dave Dame. He and I chatted at length about art, his and mine. After viewing my art (there was a long line to get in) he returned to my booth and gave me a big hug :) because he could see how much I love color as does he. I asked him to write his name down so I could look up more of his art, which I did. WOW! I was so honored to meet Mr. Dame. His art and his artistic career are incredible. If you get a chance, I hope you will look him up.

My art demo was fun as usual, and got folks talking about art. What a blast!

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