Why buy original art? There is a difference! Here are my top 7 reasons

Why buy original art? There is a difference! Here are my top 7 reasons

I get asked a lot about the difference between decorating with original art vs a print from a big box store. It's so tempting to grab a print from a shop - a print that hundreds or thousand of others have in their homes. But when you buy original art, it's unique and one of a kind. Here are my top 7 reasons original art is a great way to personalize your home:

1. Unique and personal: Original art pieces are one-of-a-kind and can add a personal touch to your space. They allow you to express your individuality and create a unique ambiance in your home or office that no one else has.

2. Quality and durability: Original art pieces are made using high-quality materials with skilled craftsmanship, which means they are likely to last longer and maintain their beauty and value over time.

3. Investment value: Original art can be a valuable investment that appreciates in value over time. Unlike mass-produced items, original art pieces often increase in value as they become more rare and sought-after. 

4. Supports artists: Buying original art supports artists and helps them continue creating beautiful and meaningful works. It can also contribute to the local art community.

5. Conversation starters: Original art can be a great conversation starter and can add depth and interest to your space. It can spark meaningful discussions and inspire creative thinking.

6. Enhancing mood and reducing stress: Original art can create a positive, uplifting atmosphere in a space, which can improve mood and reduce stress levels.

7. Improve your health! Viewing original art encourages mindfulness and relaxation: Having original art in your space can be a calming and meditative experience that promotes relaxation and mindfulness.

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